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Use Psychology To Attract More Prospects

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Most entrepreneurs and salespeople make sales by knocking on doors. They make cold calls, they do networking, and they ask clients for referrals. These dynamic actions often scare off potential prospects because they don't like dealing with salespeople. Marketing on the other hand uses psychology to get prospects to call you, to approach you, because they are interested in what you are doing. You can imagine that a prospect that calls you is much better than one that you got by knocking on their door. So how do you use psychology to get prospects to come to you? There are five primary methods. Each one involves an action on your part that causes certain thoughts and feelings on the part of your prospects.

1. Create a Mystery (Curiosity): If you do something that is mysterious, people will get curious. They will approach you to find out the answer to the mystery.

2. Package A BIG Idea (Excitement): Get people interested and excited by presenting them with something new, better, and different. (That's why The BIG Idea is the most important element of any marketing plan.

3. Project An Image Of Popularity (Safety) and Scarcity (Fear): If people think your BIG Idea is very popular, they will want it because it is safe to join the crowd. As well, they will also worry that there is not enough to go around so they will be afraid that will not be able to get it. This fear of scarcity will compel them to buy your BIG Idea. This may sound manipulative, but it is only manipulative if you are trying to sell them something they don't need. If it is something they need, then you are doing them a favor by compelling them to make a commitment.

4. Provide Free Value (Desire): If you provide free value, people will approach you because they desire what you are offering. It is like you are giving prospects a piece of chocolate. Once they taste the free chocolate, they will want to buy the whole box.

5. Give people choices (Empowerment): When people have a choice, they feel empowered. They get to make the decisions. When they feel empowered, they buy more. So make sure you give your prospects three choices (small, regular and super-size). You will attract more prospects and sell more.




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