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Get more ideal customers


One of the primary objectives of BIG Idea marketing is to attract more ideal customers. These are customers you love to work with. They appreciate the special value you provide. They're willing to pay you properly for your premium products and services. And they recommend you to their friends and associates.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have enough ideal customers. They typically represent only 10 to 20% of our customer-base. The remaining customers are non-ideal and are usually only interested in doing a transaction with you at the lowest possible price. That's why one of the goals of BIG Idea marketing is to build up a large contingent of ideal customers and then jettison the non-ideal customers.

To start, it's important to acknowledge that the only way you will consistently attract better, more high-quality clients is to offer them a premium BIG Idea, something new, better and different, that takes everything to a much higher level. You cannot get more ideal customers by trying to sell them commodity products and services. That's what everyone else is trying to do with little success.

Second, you need to create a profile of your ideal customer so you recognize them when you see them. To do this, identify one of your existing ideal customers as your "Model". You want to find more customers like them. Write down their name.

Now calculate how many ideal customers you have right now. For example, maybe you have 5 of them. Then write down how many you would like to have. Let's say 50. Your primary objective is now to get 45 more ideal customers. You also take the step of immediately enrolling your existing 5 ideal customers into your advanced program. They are now honorary members. You do this because the new ideal prospects will be more likely to join your advanced program if there are already existing members.

Now write down the characteristics of your ideal customer. What is it about him or her that makes them ideal? You might write: Successful, open to new ideas, fun, appreciates the value provided by experts, willing to take the time to plan, trusting, cares about their family, and so on. These are the characteristics people need to have in order to qualify for your advanced program. In fact, you will use these characteristics as part of Big Idea Story: "We realize, however, that the advanced program is not for everyone. It's for people who are successful, open to new ideas, fun, appreciate the value provided by experts, willing to take the time to plan, trusting, and care about their family. So if you are someone like that, you might qualify for the advanced program. Otherwise, we can provide you with the basic service."

With this profile in mind, be more discerning when meeting with each prospect. Ask: Is this person ideal or not? If they are, offer them your BIG Idea. If not, offer them your basic product or service, or nothing at all.

We have learned that companies that focus on getting ideal customers end up with many more ideal customers.



• Ideal customers are the kinds of people you love to work with. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don't have enough ideal customers (less than 20%).

• One primary objective of BIG Idea marketing is to attract more ideal customers (You will attract more ideal customers if you have a BIG Idea)

• Use one of your existing ideal customers as the model for the new customers you want. Develop a profile of your ideal customer characteristics. Your long-term goal is only to work with ideal customers


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