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Name Your BIG Idea

Giving your BIG Idea a brand name turns your invisible box into something your prospects and customers will be able to see more clearly. It will also focus the mind of your prospects and make your BIG Idea easier to remember.

Once you use a brand name to package your BIG Idea the benefits become instantly apparent. It makes it much easier for you to explain what you, and for your prospects to understand what you are saying. But because your BIG Idea is usually intangible we don't always think about giving it a name. If your BIG Idea was a tangible product like a tennis racquet or a hair dryer, you would naturally give it a name. But because it is intangible and invisible, we forget that we can give such a thing a name. And of course, because your BIG Idea is invisible, it needs a name even more than a tangible product.

We recommend that the name you develop have four words. The first word is THE. And you can start by making the last word something like PROGRAM or SYSTEM. More than four words is too many. You will get sick of telling people you have The Success Confidence Excitement Program. A longer name will not lend itself to a logo or wordmark.

When you first develop a brand name, think of it as a "working name." Don't worry if it is not the perfect name. Usually people go through two or three working names before they get to the ultimate name. The key is to proceed with your working name until you come up with something better. We've had many members make a lot of money selling their BIG Idea with their working name. It was just a bonus that they ultimately came up with the perfect name.

To name your BIG Idea, make a list of possible words. We use these questions: 1. What are some single words that describe the major benefit customers will receive from your BIG Idea? 2. What the key activities that you will do to help your customers solve their problems and achieve their goals? 3. What are words to describe the Special Ingredient (see concept 15)? Mix and match these names until you come up with a name that sounds interesting, such as The Presto Pressing System. Remember that the name does not need to readily explain itself. You want people to ask you questions about the name. If it is too obvious, no one will be curious to ask questions.

After you come up with the name, start using it in your story. Say something like: I have a commercial pressing company. We created The Presto Pressing System. It is a magical step-by-step system that serves all of your commercial pressing needs.



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