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In the face of endless sales and marketing messages (more than 6,000 a day on average), consumers have retreated into a bunker. We call it The Sales Pitch Bunker. They don't want to hear another sales pitch if they can help it. That makes it hard for you to use traditional sales techniques to meet prospects. That's why it is better and easier to provide Free Value to attract more prospects.

It is like you are selling a Box of Chocolate. You could hold up the box of chocolate and sell the features of the chocolates inside. But what is an easier way to sell a box of chocolate? Of course, you can just give them a piece of chocolate. Prospects will be attract by the free value (they want a free piece of chocolate), and then will love it so much, they will want to buy the whole box. Now, it is true that some people will eat the free chocolate with no intention of ever buying anything, but you will attract many more prospects overall, and some of them will become customers. As a result, you will end up with more customers, and make more money.

It is important to realize that giving away free value is usually cheaper than other forms of sales and marketing, such as advertising. Although you have to give something of value away, it is usually something you make or provide anyway. For example, that's why software companies give away free apps and give 30-day trials. They know it will get people using their products, and that will lead to sales. A great example is Skype. They have a 100 million users of there free service, and 10 million who pay for it. But the free 90 million users doesn't really cost them anything. It is what they do to get the 10 million.

In your case, you might offer people time, creativity, or specific solutions to a problem. You might give them a free massage or a free haircut. You might give them a free financial plan, or a trip to the country. All of these ideas will attract prospects. Keep in mind that you can also pre-qualify people and determine who will actually give the free value to. You don't have to give it to everyone. They have to qualify. This gives you power that no salesperson has. You get to decide not the prospect, and that turns the tables.

Another key element of this strategy is that there is a defined deadline for the end of the Free Value. You are willing to give prospects tremendous value for free, but it ends at a definitive time. At that point the free value ends and the prospects has to decide yes or no if they want to become a customer. If they say yes great, if they say no then you move on. There is no maybe. Given that you have done so much for the prospect for free, there is no reason why you should not make this a requirement.

Your job is to figure out what you are willing to give for free value. The more valuable it is, the more prospects you will attract and more new customers you will get. So don't be cheap.

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